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About LOTI - Role of volunteers

Onsite and online volunteers

We forsee two different types of volunteers:

- onsite volunteers - located in Cameroon, actively supporting our efforts in Nkwen (Bameda)

- online volunteers - collaborating with our organization over the Internet, sharing knowledge and skills to stengthen the impact of our work.

Volunteer opportunities

Position: Fundraiser
Job description: The fundraiser is employed primarily to increase the contributions of individuals and groups to the organization by building relationships and exploring new fundraising opportunities. Fundraisers raise funds from various sources and tend to be categorized according to who they fundraise from. The main categories of fundraiser are: community, corporate, legacy, major gifts, trusts, and events.
A unifying feature of the fundraising role is building successful relationships with supporters, so the ability to network is crucial. The fundraisers will also work to raise awareness of the organizations work, aims and goals.
Type: online

Position: Computer Instructor
Job description: Computer teacher for teaching Ms-office, Internet, C, C++, VB, Photoshop, and Flash etc. Teachers should have a passion for children, should be dedicated to teaching and be innovative, sincere and willing learners.
Type: onsite/Cameroon

Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your community. But did you know that it can have many benefits for you too? Here are some reasons to volunteer:

- Learn or develop a new skill
- Be part of your community
- Motivation and sense of achievement
- Boost your career options
- New interests and hobbies
- New experiences
- Meeting a diverse range of people
- Send a signal to your employer, teachers, friends and family ...

References: Ten Professional Development Benefits of Volunteering (Everything I Learned in Life I Learned through Volunteering). Mary V. Merrill, LSW, Merrill Associates.
Extracted from:
www.worldvolunteerweb.org/resources/how-to-guides/volunteer/doc/benefits-of-volunteering.html (16th July 2010).

How to Apply

Please send your CV to: loticameroon(at)gmail.com,
subject: Volunteer Application

Please also include a covering letter outlining:
- Which position?
- Why you want to work for LOTI?
- Why are you suited for this position?
- What you do with the rest of your time after work and some of your hobbies?
- What hurts you most and what satisfies you most?
- What you can contribute to LOTI?
Please answer each question in not more than 300 words.

Additionally, onsite volunteers only, please outline in no more than 300 words what support a traveler or volunteer would need while in Cameroon and how LOTI could provide that.